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We never swear on this show. | Castle | Season 5 Blooper Reel

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I wonder what Tatiana Maslany thinks about this

Oh no really I’m ok with this. What do you think about this, Tatiana Maslany?

I think it’s pretty great, what about you Tatiana Maslany?

Personally, I’m laughing my ass off

I think we’re all perfectly sane, considering that we’re all the same person talking to ourselves.

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emma swan + looking down (S1E02)

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She grew up (but not really)

thats what i really love about this movie because it shows that as you get older you choose whether or not to grow up, people are always sad when the scene where she talks to peter comes up but i find it comforting because when peter says “youve changed” she simply replies “Not really, not ever” because she still believes in not growing up, i think as we get older part of the challenge of becoming an adult is to realize whats most important in life and one of those things it not lose your imagination and wonder in the world. Also one of the many things that Walt himself tried to intill into his movies. And i think they did a great job capturing that in this film and its even more remarkable when you consider the fact that this is a disney sequel which have a reputation for being badly written and animated.

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Orange Is The New Black meme | [3/7] scenes
↳ “Don’t be fuckin’ with Harry Potter.”

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Emily Deschanel PCA’S


Emily Deschanel PCA’S

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The Hairporn.


The Hairporn.

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Stana Katic at the People’s Choice Awards 2014

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Stana Katic introducing Sara Bareilles at the 2014 People’s Choice Awards

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